Find a thinest love in world for a small HEART

Hidup ini pilihan...
Apapun yang membuatmu tersenyum.. PERTAHANKAN <3<3
Apappun yang membuatmu bersedi... TINGGALKAN!!
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Every  day i looked at the sky...
I realised.. Theres nothing on sky.. Just the colour of cloud blue.
In this life.. I see nothing..
So mylife without u..

Maybe u in space n time..
Sometimes this heart got tired..
Sometimes this heart want ur heart back..
Sometimes im feel down..
Sometimes im feel i should never give up to u..

But.. Im still lost..

I wish this Ramadhan could be my wonderful Ramadan in life..
I wish i could learn patience..

One thousand one..
One thousand two..
One thousand three..
One thousand four..
One thousand five..
Im so sorry,,

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